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To get the best experience out of your pool, it's important to clean and maintain every part of your pool.
Get complete pool cleaning and maintenance services from the skilled team at Major League Pool Services.

We can clean and maintain both residential and commercial pools. Our full pool cleaning service includes cleaning or repairing the filter, pump, and heater. Contact our locally owned business for a FREE on-site estimate today!

Our Services | Major League Pool Services

Monthly Pool Service Includes:
✔ Add Chemicals

✔ Brush Walls
✔ Vacuum
✔ Brush Tile
✔ Check Equipment

Additional Services:
✔ Acid Baths
✔Full Solar Panel Install
✔ Heater Repair
✔Pump Repairs
✔ Service Calls
✔ Emergency Cleaning Services
✔ Sanitization Services
✔ Commercial Services with Certified Pool Technicians