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Commercial Pool Service

There are various reasons why it is important to maintain your pool, but one of the biggest reasons is so that the value of your home or building doesn’t decrease when you are ready to sell. At Major League Pool Services, our professional pool inspectors have the pool equipment and knowledge to ensure your pool is top-notch quality by the time the job is over. We offer commercial and residential pool services such as cleaning or repairing the filter, pump and heater. If you are in need of pool maintenance services in Coachella Valley, give us a call.

Residential Pool Service

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Premium Pool Service

Does your pool need a deep clean? We offer premium pool cleaning services such as brushing pool walls and tiles, vacuuming, and checking equipment to give your pool a full makeover. It is essential to have your pool consistently cleaned to prevent harmful swimming conditions. Whether you just moved into a new home or you haven’t used your pool in years, Major League Pool Services is able to transform your pool from murky to sparkly and new. Discover why we are the premier pool service provider in Coachella Valley and surrounding towns, contact us to set up an appointment!

Equipment Installation

On top of offering pool inspection and cleaning services, we also provide equipment installation for pools. It is crucial to hire a certified pool professional when dealing with pool equipment installation and handling chemicals. While replacing the check chemicals level box, our certified pool operator and licensed contractor ensures it is done in a safe and timely manner. If it’s time to replace your check chemicals level box, let’s get started so you can return to lounging in your pool!

Monthly Pool Service Includes:
✔ Add Chemicals

✔ Brush Walls
✔ Vacuum
✔ Brush Tile
✔ Check Equipment

Additional Services:
✔ Acid Baths
✔Full Solar Panel Install
✔ Heater Repair
✔Pump Repairs
✔ Service Calls
✔ Emergency Cleaning Services
✔ Sanitization Services
✔ Commercial Services with Certified Pool Technicians